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Simple, Accurate and Super Affordable.

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Trusted by businesses across various industries

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Mark Floyd
Hotelier - Tampa, FL
"Simplest time clock out there! No complicated or unwanted features and yet everything you need, to schedule and efficiently track employees time. Exactly what small business owners like me need."

Why switch?

Reasons to start using Punch:io

  • Stop labor theft

  • Reduce payroll cost

  • Ease of use

  • Super affordable

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Ways employees can punch in

  • Punch:io Kiosk

    Convert any tablet, computer, or laptop as a Punch:io Kiosk. The Kiosk enables convenient punch in/out with just one tap.

  • Personal Account

    If allowed, employees can punch in/out of work by logging in to their account on any device. Geo location tracking ensures employees punch in from right location.

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Additionally, admins can punch in on behalf of employees as well.
#1 time clock kiosk

Punch:io Kiosk

Easy & secure time tracking from a single device
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FAST ID Industry first

One touch authentication on a kiosk with face recognition.

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Key Code

Optional key code authentication.

Admin Functions

Right from the kiosk, add new employees and manage existing employee's face recognition settings.

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Access on Web Browser


Launch Kiosk

Punchio Kiosk App

Works on any iOS or Android tablet

Schedule shifts for your staff
in minutes!

Eliminate unnecessary overtime and shift conflicts with easy scheduling.

Share instantly with employees

Adjust the schedule as you go

Repeat schedules that work for you

Create future schedules with no restrictions

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The best

All-in-one time clock for your business

Everything you need to help you save on payroll cost, manage your team and set efficient schedules.

Facial Recognition Time Clock Software

It's facial recognition time clock software that provide face recognition ID to ensure elimination of buddy punching with the added benefit of hassle free punching for your employees.

Advanced Reporting

Stop spending hours on complicated payroll calculations. Enjoy pre-calculated payroll with overtime additions and break-time deductions. Edit incorrect punchcard or add a missing one.

Overtime Calculation

Choose from daily, weekly or bi-weekly overtime rules.

"Weekly over 40 hours"

Punch Notification

Stay up to date with every employee's activities at work. Get instant notifications on punch-in/out timings and alerts when things go off schedule. Know when someone dont show up for a shift.

"Izzy Sanya have not punched-in yet. Scheduled shift start time was 8:00 am."

Late Punch Notification

Know which employee has showed up late to work and who has stayed past thier shift end time. Vital notifications to not only analyse employees but also control overtime costs.

"Chun Zola have not punched-out yet. Scheduled shift end time was 7:30 pm."

Overtime Notification

Know instanly when an employee starts accumulating overtime.

"Vanna Majita exceeded regular hours and started accumulating overtime.
Total hours: 42.75"

Early Punch Restriction

Set clear work timings, and restrict punch-ins earlier than the scheduled shift start time.

"Allow punch-in only 15 mins before scheduled shift start time."

Geo Location Tracking

For employees punching in/out using personal devices, you get to see where they punched as well.

"Kiran Diep punched-out at 3:14 pm near 16 Madison ave in Park Ridge."

Auto Break

Set custom auto-break rules to ensure you save that extra buck when employee take breaks without punching out.

"30 minutes break for each 6 Hours of shift."

PTO Management

Track personal days, vacation, and holidays

Offline Communication

Buying lunch for all employees this Friday? From broadcast messages to private messaging - keep everyone in the loop of things with clear and fast communication!

Getting Started..

Employee time clock software is easy and free to get started

You're just 7 minutes away from a full-featured online time clock that stops time theft, tracks time accurately, and saves you big on payroll cost.

Start Your Free Trial

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Super Affordable


Flexible pricing that grows with your business.

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  • Optional Schedule Service
  • Optional Notification Service

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